True Tales – Additional Resources

Chapter 1 – Rock of Ages: The Tale of the Ontonagon Boulder

Chapter 2 – Escanaba Buccaneer

Chapter 3 – The Lightkeeper Hero and the Wrecks of the Monarch and Kiowa

Chapter 4 – Lost Bonanza

Chapter 5 – Starvation on Isle Royale: The Story of Angelique Mott

Chapter 6 – The One-Time Train

Chapter 7 – Grand Marais: Surviving on the Shore of Superior

Chapter 8 – George Shiras III: Photography by Camera and Flashlight

Chapter 9 – Stockades of Terror

The Night of Vigilantes—the Sac Bay Stockade

Manistique Pioneer Newspaper and Major Clarke

The Murder of Dan Dunn

Postscript: Lottie Morgan

Chapter 10 – The Artwork of the Shamans

Chapter 11 – The Sinking of the South Shore

Chapter 12 – Who Was Mother Ontonagon?

Chapter 13 – How Christmas, Michigan Got Its Name

Chapter 14 – November Victims: The Trial and Tragedy of The Steamer Myron

Chapter 15 – Peter White: The Founding of Marquette and the Story Surrounding It

Chapter 16 – The Strange Case of Reimund Holzhey

Bibliography 141

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