Sites Mentioned in Points North

This page compiles all of the sites mentioned in Mikel B. Classen’s book Points North into one easy-to-remember web page.  Why did we do this instead of giving you direct links in the book? Well, several good reasons as I hope to explain

  1. Web sites suffer from “internet rot”, about 20% of travel related sites disappear or move without notice each year.  The last thing I wanted was for you to buy a book with “dead links” in it!  In fact, if you notice anything funky about our links, please contact us immediately.
  2. Many web sites are from State of Michigan or local government trees.  As such, they are often very very long and it is unlikely you could ever type them correctly using a phone, for example
  3. We will make Special Offers on this page exclusively for Points North readers, how great is that?

This page will be organized by chapter and all chapter numbers that have links will be listed.   And now, without further adieu, is the list by chapter:

  1. Au Sable Point Lighthouse—Alger County
  2. Au Train Rising—Alger County
  3. Big Knob State Forest Campground and Hiking Area
  4. Big Two Hearted River—Luce County
  5. Black River—Gogebic County
    Also, see interactive map
  6. Brevort Lakes—Mackinac County
    Little Brevort Lake and Brevort Lake Campground
  7. Canyon Falls Roadside Park—Baraga County
  8. Cornish Pump and Mining Museum and World War II Glider Museum
  9. Donnelley Wilderness Tract—Marquette County
    Little Garlic Falls
  10. Drummond Island—Chippewa County
  11. Eben Ice Caves—Alger County
  12. Fortune Lakes, Bewabic Historical State Park—Iron County
  13. Grand Island—Alger County
    Grand Island Ferry
  14. Iron County Historical Museum—Iron County
  15. Kingston Lake—Alger County
  16. Lake Antoine—Dickinson County
  17. Lake Gogebic—Ontonagon County
  18. Little Girls Point—Gogebic County
  19. Little Presque Isle—Marquette County
  20. Manistique Lakes and Curtis—Schoolcraft County
  21. McCormick Wilderness Tract—Marquette County
  22. McLain State Park—Houghton County
  23. Monocle Lake—Chippewa County
  24. North Country Trail—Entire UP
    Eastern U.P.
    Central U.P.
    Western U.P.
  25. Old Victoria—Ontonagon County
  26. Pentoga Park—Iron County
  27. Pequaming: Ghost on the Water—Baraga County
  28. Piers Gorge—Dickinson County
  29. Porcupine Mountains—Ontonagon County
  30. Portage Bay State Forest Campground—Delta County
  31. Sault Ste. Marie Campgrounds—Chippewa County
    Aune Osborne Park
    Soo Locks Campground
    Sherman Park
  32. Seney National Wildlife Refuge and Museum—Schoolcraft County
    Seney Wildlife Refuge is temporarily closed as they work on the bridges between the ponds and they have leveled the visitor’s center, moved a temporary one to Germfask and are building a brand new one at a different location.
  33. Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse Park and Museum—Schoolcraft County
  34. Museum of Ojibwa Culture—Mackinac County
  35. Stonington Peninsula—Delta County
  36. Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness—Baraga County
  37. Twin Lakes State Park—Houghton County
  38. Tyoga Historical Pathway—Alger County
  39. Woodland Park—Alger County

If you have a better destination link for any of these sites, please contact us immediately.

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