The Evolutionary Glitch: Rise Above the Root of Your Problems

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Ever wonder what it is that keeps holding you back?

Deep within the constructs of your brain, a superimposed identity has
been formed. This "glitch", embedded in your neural network through the
evolution of brain development, is an acquired Persona which perpetuates
itself by constantly creating problems and limitations in your life.
The Persona thinks for you, acts for you, and even learns for you,
but it is NOT the real YOU!

In this revolutionary book, you will discover which of the six major types of
Personas you have unwittingly acquired, and you will learn how to
free yourself from the power it has over you. Like a remedy for
an illness, The Evolutionary Glitch serves as a guide to
confronting and rising above the root of your problems.
Drawing on ancient wisdom as well as the latest discoveries
in neurobiology and quantum physics, The Evolutionary Glitch
will radically change the way you see yourself and the world
around you.

Learn the skills you need to...
  • Uproot the Persona you have acquired
  • Break the problem-causing patterns in your life
  • Follow the "signs" in your life
  • Identify your true nature
  • Do what you were born to do

    If you are ready to discover what is hidden behind the mask
    of your Persona, free yourself from your problems, and live your
    life with purpose and direction, The Evolutionary Glitch could
    be the most important book you've ever read.

    Leading edge thinkers praise The Evolutionary Glitch

    "Albert Garoli gives us the insight needed so we can make the
    changes within ourselves and create our own world that is

    --Irene Watson, author of Rewriting Life Scripts

    "Garoli dives into new inspiring self-improvement methods that will
    empower and motivate readers to succeed in all aspects of their

    --Robin Marvel, host of "Living Out Loud Radio", author of Awakening Consciousness

    "Garoli's worldly experiences unite Eastern philosophies with physiology
    in a reference-based compendium of information for self-improvement."

    --Laurie Zelinger, PhD, author of Please Explain Anxiety to Me

    About the Author

    Dr. Albert Garoli has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and
    Accupuncture in Sri Lanka and China as well as learning Electroacupuncture and Homotoxicology
    in Germany. After decades of further research, Garoli's theory of the Autonomic Digital Reflex (ADR)
    has provided specific insights in the tremendous importance of genetic interaction
    and interdependence, as well as the subconscious processes we battle. You can
    learn more about Garoli at

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